P1TS Strat 2 - Nov 3, 2021

When Strat 2 is started, this additional screen prompts you for session specific data. In our examples, we've used the following values for the 2020 IMSA IMPC Road America Race:
  • Max Laps in Stint - 18 laps
  • Avg Pit Lane Time - 1m 35s
  • Green Lap Time - 2m 32s (not shown - from Strat 1's Welcome screen)
These are all values that you supply.

1. Pits and Stints

The Pits and Stints panel plots competitors's completed and predicted pit stop and driver change strategies on a time line.

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2. Pace

The Pace table shows the most recent pace of each car, comparisons to the hero, and naive predictions of the ETA when an overtake might occur based on pace. This may be useful for detecting undercut and possibly overcut threats and opportunities. A simple hero-centric color coding is used: Green: Catching leaders, Red: Threat from behind

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3. Fastest Single Laps

The Fastest Laps table helps compare sector performance between cars.

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