P1TS Quick Start Sheet    January 1, 2020 http://p1ts.com/docs/quickstart.html

This Quick Start describes what you need to do install P1TS on one or more computers at the IMSA pit lane network. This condenses the bare essentials from following two publications (which you should read):

Step 1. Install P1TS

Run the P1TS Windows Setup program that you have received either via a download link or flash drive which installs the following:

Shortcuts will be saved to the following locations:

1Subsequent Windows restarts automatically start the P1TS Server.

It's generally recommended to uninstall earlier versions to avoid accidentally running older versions that may not have the latest improvements, bug fixes, and entitlements.

Step 2. Start the P1TS Server (program)

  1. Connect this PC to IMSA's pitwall network (i.e., through an IMSA MicroTik, or Nanostation router), so it can access IMSA's ERMon live timing and scoring data stream.
  2. When you P1TS Server - Start, it runs as a black background text window whose title also displays the PC's IP address. Ignore the internal messages that scroll by.

    It appears in the Windows system tray as a P1 icon. You can minimize it, but don't close it.
  3. A Windows Firewall dialog appears once, telling you that the P1TS (web) Server wants to allow programs (Chrome) to communicate with it on your network. Press Allow Acccess.

Step 3. Get P1TS Server PC's IP Address

To run P1TS in your Chrome browsers, you'll need to enter the IP address of the P1TS Server (step 2) into Chrome's address bar.

  1. The P1TS Server's IP address normally appears in its title bar from step 2.2. ( in this example)
  2. If the above fails, run Windows' ipconfig.exe command line program on your P1TS Server PC to find its IP address:
    • Start > Run and type cmd /k ipconfig to run ipconfig.exe.
    • In the resulting cmd window, find the IPv4 Address.

Step 4. Run P1TS Chrome App

Run Chrome on either the PC that is running the P1TS Server (from step 2) or from any other computer, tablet, or smartphone that is on the same network. Enter the P1TS Server PC's IP Address ( in this example) and the P1TS home page will be loaded from the P1TS Server.

Launch one of the two web applications (blue buttons above):

After you login to P1TS with your supplied credentials, its Welcome dialog steps you through the rest.